How Long Does A Sump Pump Last

What are sump pumps? It is important and recommended installation in your home to redirect the water that gets into your basement from your property. This can prevent your space from being flooded, having water damage, and other problems that can occur if water gets into your basement. To keep your home flood-free and safe, we recommend replacing your sump pump every few years. Are you updated your current installation is in good shape or whether it’s time for a new one, this article can help you go over the key signs if it’s time to replace your sump pump.

The average sump pump installation can last about last 5 to 7 years. However, this depends on how much the sump pump has worked over the years. Do you live in a damp climate? The moisture can tend to pool in your basement, your sump pump might be needed to be replaced more often than the suggested time frame.

Let’s talk about some of the common warning signs that it’s time to replace your sump pump and how you can avoid your home being flooded:

Signs That Your Sump Pump Needs to Be Replaced for Optimal Safety:

  • Weird Noises From The Sump Pump

If you notice any weird noises coming from your pump, it is most likely a sign of something is not normal, or parts are damaged or worn out. For example, a loud motor means that there is a failed bearing on your sump pump. It’s likely time to get a new one soon.

  • Rusty Spots On Your Sump Pump

Be wary if you’ve spotted signs of rust on your sump pump, it might be time to replace it. Know that these red-tinted-like bacteria also known as “iron bacteria,” can cause your pipes to clog leading to making your pump work harder to push water through and this can lead to not getting enough water through anymore. We suggest replacing immediately your sump pump.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, The Sump Pump Pros are here to help our customers protect their biggest investment and your sump pump system is the best defense to keep your basement safe and healthy. We will help to prevent water damage to your home.  We want you to enjoy your home and basement the way it was meant to be. Call us to know more!